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Starter Package - Cockatoo - Dometop 40"x30"

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Starter Package - Large Cockatoo - Dometop 40"x30"

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This is a complete package with everything you need for your Cockatoo!

knowledgeable and friendly staff to help you buy birds
This is a complete package for everything you need to create a safe, interesting, and happy home for your Parrot!


One of the most difficult task for new bird owner is figuring out and deciding which items they need for their new bird. We have created a discounted package to include everything you will need to get started:


A quality Cage

40” x 30” Dometop Cage ($650.00 value!)

A variety of perches for proper foot health and to reduce grooming frequecy

Dragon wood perch 40" x 2" - natural wood perch ($32.00 value!)

Large Concrete Perch - Helps with nail & beak care ($20.75 value!)

Medium Massive Swing ($28.95 value!)

Large Cushy Foot Perch ($6.00 value!)

Extra Large Rainbow Cotton Rope Boing with Bell ($34.00 value!)

A variety of mental and physical stimulating toys with different textures

Small Toy Bone-O ($23.00 value!)

Jr. Incredi-braid ($27.95 value!)

Platinum Tweeter Toys Large Super Shredder Ball ($30.75 value!)

Terror Tower ($29.95 value!)

Macaw Magic ($32.95 value!)

TNT ($14.25 value!)

Toy Recycler - Foraging toy ($19.25 value!)

Large Rattle Ball - Foot toy ($8.95 value!)

Accessories for bathing cage cleaning, first aid, & education

Manu Mineral Block - Provides natural minerals ($6.50 value!)

Parrot Shampoo - Bathing use once per month ($8.00 value!)

Shower Perch - Bathing once per week ($27.95 value!)

First Aid Kit - For basic emergencies ($24.95 value!)

Avi-Clean - Cage cleaner - Helps disolve bird feces ($13.00 value!)

Pet Focus - Cage disinfectant - Kills bacteria and fungus ($13.00 value!)

The Basics of Parrot Training A Live Workshop Video ($39.95 value!)

Food – Our recommended healthy diet that all of our babies are weaned on to

Goldenfeast Madagascar fruit & nut mix 64oz ($24.00 value!)

Goldenfeast Caribbean Bounty fruit & nut mix 64oz ($29.00 value!)

ZuPreem Fruitblend Large 3.5 lb ($17.00 value!)

Goldenfeast Bean Supreme 64oz cookable food ($23.95 value!)

Additional Information

SKU 40startd
Recommended Cage Size Large - 40" W x 30" D x 48" H
Bird Species Macaws - Medium, Cockatoos - Small, Cockatoos - Large, Amazons, African Parrots, Eclectus

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