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For our clients considering having a bird shipped to them. We realize that it is difficult to make a decision on such a large investment and long term committment from far away.  We suggest having a Skype video call with us so that you can see the individual bird's personality live.  We would be happy to let you meet a few different birds and see us interact with them.  We have found this to be a great way to for individuals to feel more confident in their decisions.

Bird Shipping Policy
  • M&D Bird Farm will only ship on direct flights through United or Delta Airlines. 
  • M&D Bird Farm will only ship when temperature is between 30 degrees F and 85 degrees F at the send and pick up location. 
  • All birds are guaranteed to arrive healthy. If there is a health issue you must notify M&D Bird Farm within 6 hours after arrival time to receive a refund or have bird replaced.

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