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Ruby Green Wing Macaw

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Ruby Green Wing Macaw

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Ruby Green Wing Macaw
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Ruby Green Wing Macaw
Size: Large, up to 35 inches
Native Region: South America
Life Expectancy: 60 years average, up to 80 years
Noise Level: Loud
Talk/Trick Ability: Very Good
Ruby Green Wing Macaw are hybrid macaws from Green Wing and Ruby Macaws.

Additional Information

SKU Ruby Green Wing Macaw
Manufacturer M&D Bird World
Recommended Cage Size Large - 40" W x 30" D x 48" H, Extra Large - 48" W x 36" D x 48" H
Bird Species Macaws - Large
Bird Characteristics Talker - Good, Hand Fed, Cuddly, Playful
Noise Level Moderate/High, High
Feather Type Oil Coated
Attention Needed? 1-2 Hours Per Day
Feature Bird No
Features Traits: The Ruby Green Wing Macaw is a beautifully colored bird that is a hybrid cross between a Ruby macaw and a Green Winged macaw. The Ruby Green Wing Macaw is a second-generation hybrid macaw. (The mother) a Ruby Macaw is a product of the scarlet macaw, and a green-winged macaw. This has been paired with a Green Wing Macaw to produce a Ruby Green Wing Macaw. Ruby Green Wing Macaws are extremely striking in coloring, with a red head and neck and bright yellow and orange feathers scattered across the center of its back and wings. They are loveable, outgoing, vocal birds that can learn a vocabulary of 15 or more words or phrases. While affectionate, the Ruby Green Wing Macaw needs firm, consistent training to help it become a well-socialized bird. It loves to sing and, while it can be somewhat temperamental at times, its fun, loving personality makes it quite popular. It loves to be cuddled and petted.

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