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Sun Conure

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Sun Conure

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Sun Conure
Scientific Name: Aratinga solstitialis 
Size: Small, up to 12 inches 
Native Region: South America 
Life Expectancy: up to 30 years 
Noise Level: Moderate to Loud 
Talk/Trick Ability: Fair

Additional Information

SKU Sun-Conure-Babies
Manufacturer M&D Bird World
Recommended Cage Size Small - 24" W x 22" D x 30"
Bird Species Conures
Bird Characteristics Talker - Low, Hand Fed, Cuddly, Playful
Noise Level Moderate/High
Feather Type Oil Coated
Attention Needed? 1 Hour Per Day
Feature Bird No
Features Traits: Recognized for their beautiful plumage, sun conures are also known for their vocalizing. They are intelligent, playful, and are quieter if kept as single pets. Sun conures make good pet birds for a family because of their sociable, upbeat and affectionate personality. They have an adventurous attitude and are quite active. Owners find that sun conures enjoy playing on the floor, making foot toys appropriate for these birds. They entertain themselves by playing in their water bowls or during bathtime. With the ability to pick up words and phrases, sun conures are often described as being inquisitive. Behavior/Health Concerns: Sun Conures need plenty of entertainment and interaction. This pet birds diet needs to remain varied in order to keep a healthy pet. In addition to a pellet-based diet, sun conures need fresh fruits, vegetables and whole-grains.

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