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Moluccan Cockatoo

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Moluccan Cockatoo

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Moluccan Cockatoo
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Moluccan Cockatoo

Scientific Name: Cacatua moluccensis
Size: Large, up to 20 inches
Native Region: Indonesia
Life Expectancy: 65-100 years
Noise Level: Loud.
Talk/Trick Ability: Moderate

Additional Information

SKU Moluccan-Cockatoo
Manufacturer M&D Bird World
Recommended Cage Size Medium/Large - 36"W x 28"D x 36"H, Large - 40" W x 30" D x 48" H
Bird Species Cockatoos - Large
Bird Characteristics Talker - Moderate, Hand Fed, Cuddly, Playful
Noise Level High
Feather Type Powder Coated
Attention Needed? 3 Hours Per Day
Feature Bird No
Features Traits: Moluccan cockatoos are sociable and playful. They demand plenty of interaction and cuddle time. Owners often do not understand how demanding the Moluccan cockatoo can be, making it one of the top cockatoos to be re-homed. They are also intelligent and known for solving puzzles and other games. They are described as being a little spastic, but with a friendly reputation. To keep these pet birds happy, they need at least one hour of playtime a day. They also need exercise with their owner and several more hours of supervised out of the cage time. Behavior/Health Concerns: Without enough mental and physical stimulation, Moluccan cockatoos can resort to destructive behavior such as feather picking. While these pet birds need attention and time with humans, they must also learn how to be independent and not become accustomed to an excessive amount of human attention. Moluccan Cockatoos can become territorial once they have matured and they are often destructive chewers. Moluccan cockatoos are known to be dusty birds, which is a concern for those with allergies.

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